Appetizers Recipes Display Font

Appetizers Recipes Display Font
The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog
Date 2022-10-27
Format TTF
Designer noahtype
License Free for Personal Use

Appetizers Recipes Display Font is a kind of Decorative Fonts and Display Fonts, designed and created by the designer noahtype, which is free for personal use. To use it, first click on the download button to download the file.

Installation steps in Window:

  • Unzip the folder you downloaded. Fonts cannot be installed if they are zipped.
  • Go to the folder containing the fonts and search for AppetizersRDemoRegular.ttf font file.
  • Double click on the  AppetizersRDemoRegular.ttf font file as if you were opening an application.
  • The Appetizers Recipes Display Font Installation window will now open.
  • Click Install and wait for it to complete.
  • And it's done! You have now installed the Appetizers Recipes Display Font.

If you want to use the Appetizers Recipes Display Font in an application, make sure to close the application completely and restart it after installing the new font. Otherwise the font will not be visible, even if it was installed correctly.

Installation steps in macos:

  • Make sure to unzip the folder.
  • Go to the folder containing the fonts and double-click on the AppetizersRDemoRegular.ttf font file.
  • Double-clicking will open a window with a preview of the Appetizers Recipes Display Font and a small button at the bottom that says "Install".
  • Click Install.
  • Make sure to restart your application (if this does not work, restart your computer).

Alternatively, you can install the fonts manually to bypass Fontbook. copy (CMD + C) the AppetizersRDemoRegular.ttf format file and paste (CMD + V) the file into this folder. hd > Library > Fonts.

In addition to downloading to local use, you can also use the online font editor provided on this site for trial, which supports resizing, modifying to your font text, adjusting font color and background color, and adding background images and videos, and exporting images after final editing.


Appetizers Recipes Display Font is a display font inspired from kitchen and cooking activity , created by NoahType. This font has cute characters inspired by the appetizer that grabs your attention before eating the main course. It would be perfect for many industries, such as accessories, advertising, bakery and pastry, café, event or festival, fashion, handicrafts, homeware, perfume, printing, publishing, restaurant, and more!

Appetizers Recipes Font includes full set of Uppercase and Lowercase Basic Characters, Numerals and Punctuation. This stylish font would be the best choice for a variety of projects, such as cover, header, invitations, labels, menu, product packaging, screen printing, stationery, etc.


By installing or using this font, you are agree to the Product Usage Agreement:


– Here is the link to purchase full version and commercial license:

– For Corporate use, you have to purchase Corporate license

– If you need a custom license please contact us by email : [email protected]

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Thank you.



Dengan meng-install font ini, anda dianggap mengerti dan menyetujui semua syarat dan ketentuan penggunaan font dibawah ini:

– Font demo ini hanya dapat digunakan untuk keperluan “Personal Use”/kebutuhan pribadi, dan untuk keperluan yang sifatnya tidak “komersil”, alias tidak menghasilkan profit atau keuntungan dari hasil memanfaatkan/menggunakan font kami. Baik itu untuk individu, Agensi Desain Grafis, Percetakan, Distro atau Perusahaan/Korporasi.

– Silakan gunakan lisensi komersial dengan membeli melalui link ini:

– Dengan hanya lisensi “Personal Use”, DILARANG KERAS menggunakan atau memanfaatkan font ini untuk kepeluan Komersial, baik itu untuk Iklan, Promosi, TV, Film, Video, Motion Graphics, Youtube, Desain kaos distro atau untuk Kemasan Produk (baik Fisik ataupun Digital) atau Media apapun dengan tujuan menghasilkan profit/keuntungan.

– Untuk penggunaan keperluan Perusahaan/Korporasi silakan menggunakan Corporate License.

– Menggunakan font ini dengan lisensi “Personal Use” untuk kepentingan Komersial apapun bentuknya TANPA IZIN dari kami, akan dikenakan biaya CORPORATE LICENSE.

Informasi tentang Lisensi apa yang akan anda perlukan, silahkan menghubungi kami di email : [email protected]

Terima kasih.